Taipei Municipal Lishan High School Visiting

It is the second time for me to visit schools in this semester. I am surprised that the junior high school teaching and the senior high school teaching are much different. In fact, I do not expect to watch any astonished teaching style or skill before visiting Lishan High School. However, when I sit inside the Miss Yuan’s class to be the audience, I am excited about the class and eager to participate with them. Miss Yuan is teaching the lesson about Bermuda Triangle, and her tools include film, handout, ppt, and intercoms. After explaining some relevant vocabulary and story about Bermuda Triangle, she shows the film to students. In my opinion, the sources about Bermuda Triangle are not easy to search, but Miss Yuan prepares the film and some dialogue copies about film for students to discuss. That is an old document which records two pilots’ experience as they are in the myterious Bermudaa Triangle. Their preofessional dialogue becomes the good material for students to immitate and interpret in the class. Through the intercom, every student has opprtunity to speak and listen to one another. Miss Yuan seems to complete her mission that she leads students to learn english history, language, speaking, and listening. Indeed, if a English class contains these features, the students will have solid English groundwork.

As to Hedy, I can’t believe that she is just a practiced teacher because she is confident and sophisticated. She uses the traditional radio in her class, but it functions with ppt and handouts. Her voice is one of advantages to teach students because it is powerful and clear. I think she belongs to the attractive teachers whose personality draws students view a lot. Her interaction with students is her smile, language, and body language. She is young and easily get close to students. Her position for students is between teahcers and friends. Besides, she is quick-witted for she gives many connective daily examples to students. She is good at raising the atmosphere in the class. I suppose that it is not easy for a teacher to keep her enthusiasm and energy all the time, but I hope that like Hedy I can keep my enthusiasm for students in the future. The visiting of Lishan High School makes me learn a lot! I appreciate our teacher who arranges the visiting for us.


Visiting a senior high school teacher

I have visited a high school English teacher in this semester. Her name is Tsou Ching-Tzu (鄒靜慈), and she is serving for KaiNan High School of Commerce and Industry now. Actually, this school is the second working place for her, because she has joined the teacher enrolling tests for two times. She chooses to give up the first school due to it is far away from her home. That school is Chinese Maritime Vocation School (CHMVS)in Wanli, but her home is in Panchiao. She moves to Wanli for one year, but it seems to be difficult for her to adapt to that alien and solitude place. Thus, she decides to join the teacher enrolling test last year and leaves that school. Luckily, she passes the second test and serves for KaiNan High School of Commerce and Industry, which is in Taipei city and near her home.
In fact, she just graduated from Hsuan Chuang University two years ago, and she successfully passes two school enrolling tests in two years. During her university life, she does not have any teaching experience, but she achieves her goal finally. She told me that she once wants to give up the educational degrees in the half way, because the low rate of recruit lets her lose her confidence and belief. However, she still follows her dream and makes her dream come true.
Her practice school is a junior high school in Tucheng. She spent two years practicing teaching there. She likes to teach them because she thinks that the junior high school students are easily controlled. Thus, she can not adapt to teach the high school students while she is at her first school. She finds her basic belief while she teaches those high school students. She does not ask their midterm or final grades but emphasizes their “vocabulary” testing grades. She believes that students can make efforts to memorize the vocabulary. By memorizing basic vocabulary, students can get basic English knowlege. For her school students do not have much interest in English and their Englsih groundwork is not good. Therefore, Miss Tsou empasizes their “attention,” “vocabulary,” and “basic sentence.”
In her class, she sometimes calls students’ name and asks them the progress of her discource. If students can not answer, they need to stand up in the class for a while. By asking students’ questions, students will pay more attention on Enlish class. Besides, she focuses on the making up tests for she wants students to correct their fault and gives them opportunity. She gives the simple sentence quiz to students, and wants them to practice many times. “Basic” and “simple” concept of learning English is what she emphasizes.
She further mentioned about the context. She teaches all the text book, and adds some handouts or worksheets by herself. Actually, the students’ attitude is the most tough challenge for her, so she does not have too big problem with teaching. Then we talk about her rehearsal about her interveiw. She describes that she does not use any tool while she teaches. She gets the news of interview just one or two days before the rehearsal, so she does not have too much time to prepare. In fact, I think her adavantage is that she does not care toomuch about the conclude of test. She is not nervous while she rehearsals in her interview.
After visiting and talking to her, I have confidence to face my future and be an English teacher. I believe that I can do well as her after graduation.

Visiting Long-men junior high school

In fact, after visiting long-men junior high school, I am jealous of both the students and teachers there.  They have enough space to do some actions and have comfortable environment to study there. Besides, they have advanced equipment to do some experiments. The most important of all, they have their own film studio, in which students can imitate the anchors to announce the news. It helps them to realize te social environment and some experts’ skills. 

The advantages seem full of long-men school, but it is pity that they do not have any canteen. Though they can improve their health without eating some junk food, go canteen shopping is an interesting action for students. Thus, I recommend them to build a new canteen for the long-men staff and students!

About english teaching, I find that “being serious” in both preparing and teaching is significant.  If we prepare some handouts or practices before class, we will find that the procedure of class is more easily controlled. I admires that long-men English teacher has prepared well not only in the academic semester but also in summer or winter vacations! It’s lucky for me to listen to their teaching! ^ ^

Reflections on chapter one and chapter two

We have finished chapter one and chapter two, and both of them are interesting and helpful.

Chapter one gives us a concept and a structure while we prepare or review our teaching.

As to chapter two, it digs out every teacher’s belief. The sources of teacher’s beliefs are interesting for it seems to search

and investigate everyone’s identity like a pychological analysis.

However, it’s pity that our group can’t get the champion in chapter two discussion~!!

But it’s alright for I just love candies~!! ha~ 

Answer two questions

I chooset two approaches of teaching method. One is comprehensive based, and the other is task based.

For comprehensive based is try not give students pressure. Let them could understand the meaning of English and figure out the problems. Finally, speak English and like English.

As to the task-based.  I think Englsih needs to practice, and let students feel excited about Englsih.

After they finish their job, they will gain the confidence.

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My name is Shelley Tang. I come from Hsinchu. Thre are six members in my family.

I have two elder brother and one sister. My horoscope is Aries., so I love spring.

My favorite sport is basketball.

In my daily life, I like sleeping, listening to music, and visiting som famous places.

Actually, if I have enough time and money, I would like to go world travelling.

I wish that I could be a great teacher in the future. To be a popular one in my students’ mind! ^^

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